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6170RE: [probe_control] Re: Comets, Eggs, and Vincent (Oh my!)

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Nov 2, 2010
      Hello Dino

      Re: out of body space travel. You�ve obviously not read any of Frederick Pohl�s Heechee books.
      I was joshing you about the TARDIS. Despite its look, most generations just call it and even the real thing, a TARDIS these days over here. It was probably the first most surreal-looking time machine.

      As I don�t drink any coffee or tea variants, I�ve never been in such places but I always have a memory of Sally from �Third Rock From The Sun� throwing the froth away from such concoctions.

      You mean there isn�t people watching me through the TV set?? Your wife�s father obviously read �1984�. Does that mean John Logie Baird was Satan??
      As I understand, our British Museum is supposed to keep copies of all books printed and its in excess of a billion hence your wife is unlikely to have read them all.

      Re: your story. I just picked the commonest place where I�d seen the plot. You�ll probably find all major SF TV shows have touched on it from time to time. This is why it pays to keep attention as to what is out there. Just because you started before seeing such shows doesn�t give you any priority over the idea other than making sure it has an original and different solution or outcome.
      I think I�ve commented before that it would probably help your cause more with building up your name by having it seen in short stories in various mags first to show that you have a following to any publisher you approach. To have so much hope on a single first novel is actually the bigger risk.
      Most neo-writers see selling a book as a means to a little money if not some wealth although if you really want to do that, don�t write Science Fiction. You�d make better money from romance.


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      Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 11:23:39 -0400
      Subject: Re: [probe_control] Re: Comets, Eggs, and Vincent (Oh my!)


      Personally, I'd like to keep my body with me if I ever made any space
      travel otherwise I think I'd end up falling into the Cyberman category (the only
      thing creepier than my Aunt Muriel, or a Dalek speaking German). And a
      TARDIS was what I was alluding to with my Police Box reference; I kind of like
      that shape. Mine is also inoperable. That is, really broken; all I've got
      left of it (so far) is the Fresnel lens from the top, and its demat circuit
      which is missing a few pieces. So I'm stuck.

      Some of my compatriots are definitely food snobs. All you need do is walk
      into a Starbuck's Coffee shop to realize that as some 60+ bimbo-wannabe
      walks in dressed like someone in her 20s to order a half caramel macchiato,
      half chocolate mocha, with one "squirt" of cinnamon and half soy milk, with
      half skim... (And yes, I've seen that just the other day. From the back she
      made you think, "Oooh?" But once she turned around it made you go
      "Eeeewwww!" Or to quote Monty Python: "Run away! Run away!"

      My wife isn't quite an Immortal (how I wish) but she has been an avid
      reader since age five. Her father was rather unstable in the head and truly
      believed that a TV was nothing more than a government device used for spying on
      people (like a two-way mirror, specifically used on him) because he was
      trying to get military disability retroactive to his WW II service and they
      didn't want to "pay up". (He was a cook in the Navy "Sea Bees" and never
      suffered any injuries in the line of duty. He was also convinced that people
      were sneaking into his house while he slept to poison his food, so he put
      padlocks on every cabinet and the fridge, and rarely slept so he could keep
      watch.) He was also a bit of a religious freak (no offence intended to any
      religious members of the group) and aside from the spying device believed
      that Satan created the TV for the government's use. He never allowed one in
      the house so my wife learned to read very early on and to this day she can
      read through several books a week, and that's just in the evenings after she
      settles in for the night after supper. On a weekend when she's not working
      she can blast through a book that's an inch thick in a day! Her preference
      is mysteries, but she's read SF, fantasy, documentaries, modern and
      historical romance... You name it, she's probably read it. In high school, with
      the exception of the heavy scientific books she'd read every book in the
      school library before the end of 11th Grade. (Not sure what that equates to in
      UK schools, but it's the 3rd of four years over here.)

      As for my book, I'm definitely steering away from the "Trek" plots. I know
      things like this have been done before which is why I've been working on it
      so much. When I first started it there was no "Next Generation" (et al,
      which debuted a few months after I started) or "Babylon 5" or a new
      "Galactica", and as luck would have it some of those had ideas along the lines I had
      dreamed up. So, more alterations get made. And you're right; finding a
      buyer isn't easy these days unless you happen to be related to someone in the
      publishing business. (What I need is an Alistair Deacon on my side!) Also,
      I hadn't planned on getting rich on it. (I wouldn't complain if it
      happened, but a Tolkien, Stephen King, or J. K. Rowling I will never be.) A
      little more than breaking even, maybe, but I don't think I'll do more than that.
      For all I know it may never go anywhere, but it allows me a little fun.


      In a message dated 11/1/2010 3:56:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      gfwillmetts@... writes:

      Hello Dino

      Glad you�re surviving. Life sometimes takes over.

      Re: space travel. Who says you need to take your body with you?? I don�t
      think you need a police box. A TARDIS is a different kettle of fish though.
      As I think I�ve commented, I have a non-operational one. Shame I can�t get
      fissionable material through customs.

      Re: Eggs. My lot just cook until its done. Do you ever get the thought
      that your compatriots might be food snobs with such description as to how they
      want their food cooked??

      Re: Books. Unless your wife is an immortal, then I doubt if she�s read
      everything. I kinda impressed Bob Greenberger by reading his Essential
      Superman Encyclopaedia last month but I�ve read such lengthy tomes in the past. By
      the by, those of you into DC material, it�s a useful reference and I only
      found four spelling mistakes.

      Re: Your SF story. I think that�s been done a couple times in the Star
      Trek shows. If you know the plots, make sure you don�t follow the same
      Don�t think book writing makes big bucks. For time spent, assuming you can
      find a buyer, you�ll be lucky to break even.


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