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6155Re: Comets, Eggs, and Vincent (Oh my!)

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  • galacticprobe
    Nov 1, 2010
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      Sorry to be out of touch for so long, but military retirements take up a lot of time: physicals, paperwork, getting with the VA (Veterans' Affairs) people to review records, then going through evaluations to see how much disability you're eligible for. Add to that this vertigo problem that still plagues me as well as a bum leg from that sciatic nerve damage and the meds I'm taking for it all... Fun in a bucket.

      Space travel? I doubt I'll ever do any thanks to my physical state. So I won't be comet hopping (or running from any gate to another; I barely make it walking - I can't run even if I had to). So I'll be planted on Terra Firma until someone kindlt drops a fully operational Police Box on my front doorsteps.

      Eggs: The whole "over easy" terminology simply means the eggs are cooked slightly on one side, and then flipped over to lightly cook the other, usually when someone feel that "sunny side up" doesn't cook the white part enough. However, an over easy egg still has some gooey whites, just not as much as a sunny side up.
      Over medium - a term I never heard until I got stationed in Virginia - is an over easy egg cooked until only the yoke is soft and everything else is firm (my personal favorite.) Over hard is cooked with a broken yoke so nothing is soft, and those are usualy cound on those egg sandwiches.

      Books: I've read quite a few. Not as many as my wife has, mind you, as she's read just about every book written in the English language. I do share your disdain with the misuse of words: neither and either are amongst them. People I went through school with - I know they had to pass the same english and grammer tests that I did - are now misusing words like there, their, they're... "I went to there house for dinner last night." "Their going to the concert tomorrow." And then there is the "your" and "you're" issue. "Your not going with me this time." "That's you're shirt." I won't even get into their horrid disregard for punctuation or capitalization. These people are nearing 50 years old and they're writing like pre-schoolers! Aaaugh!

      As for the SF story I'm working on, I do have a plot outlined. Serious-minded people partially restore an old starship which ends up developing a personality of her own, and is somewhat unreliable, unless there is a crisis; then she operates flawlessly. The crew is sent on a search and rescue mission, and learn that their good friend of years ago had been used as a pattern for a hybernating race of killer androids to revive themselves. Then the crew has to find a way to destroy the androids before the androids destroy Earth and every other planet, turning the inhabitants into "fuel" for their machinery. I wouldn't say that the crew meets with repeated pratfalls, but as they battle the androids they do find themselves in situations so absurd that you can't help but laugh at them. It's a sort of "Star Trek" meets "Get Smart" meets "Operation Petticoat."
      It starts with a somber battle that shows the main characters' feelings and devotion to each other, and the humor aspect creeps in as the story moves along. It's got serious action, some starship battles, weapons shootouts with the androids, and some really bad jokes from one of the characters in dire situations. (As his friends point out to him, they know just how much danger they're in by how bad his jokes get.) It's still a work in progress, and my wife who's read hundreds of SF (and fantasy) books is helping me along with it. So hopefully one day I'll see it on bookstore shelves to augment my retirement pension.
      And because I do need to step away from it now and again, to clear my head, I'm also working on a story set in the 1880s (Historical Fiction, I think it falls into) involving a lady lighthouse keeper and her beau who is the first mate aboard a clipper ship. This one is a bit more serious, but there is still some humor in it (the comic relief sort).


      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, Geoff Willmetts <gfwillmetts@...> wrote:
      > Hello Dino
      > Space travel doesn't match up to any metaphor. I suspect when long distance space travel is worked out it won't be anything like SF depicts it neither. Not even sure airports would match come to that. You'd have to go to gate 300 more like.
      > Re: American omelettes. Wouldn't make much difference to me. Eggs give me headaches. We can't get over some of the names you chaps call your food. I mean, eggs over easy is just lightly cooked eggs.
      > Re: grammar. It helps if reading is in your blood. `So many books, only one life-time' is my mantra. It helps to have good diction and listening to how things sound.
      > Probably the biggest problem I see amateurs and pros make is confusing `either' and `neither'.
      > I presume you've got at least a skeleton plot laid down before writing?? Doesn't mean you can't deviate but then you'll know that it affects as well.
      > Something that happens with a lot of amateur writers is they run out of steam half-way through. If they can't keep their interest in the story then how can a reader?? When I do my stories, I like to surprise the audience so it keeps me on my toes.
      > Geoff
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