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5932Re: [probe_control] RE: (OT) Green Hornet film, etc.

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  • John
    Sep 4, 2010
      I've posted this link a lot, but I can't remember if I have posted it here.
      It talks about the real reason why there may never be a DVD release of the
      1966 Batman TV series, and it mentions Green Hornet. Since it was the same
      production company, it may have the same rights issues. The real heart of
      the matter begins with paragraph 6. I think it is important reading,
      because it really makes you realize just how much goes into clearing
      something for release. It is so way much more than you would think.


      On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 10:54 PM, Marta Dawes <marta@...>wrote:

      > I'm still hoping for the Warner Archive to put out "Search," eventually. I
      > think Warner has found out just how popular their back catalog is, based on
      > all the hype I've been seeing in email from them, and they're realizing how
      > well the Archive concept is going over. Amazon has also picked up the "disc
      > on demand" idea, a sure barometer of a profitable concept.
      > I had a huge crush on Van Williams, as did every other girl I knew, and a
      > minor crush on Bruce Lee, while the series was on. And, I'm hoping that with
      > the new GH film coming out, we'll get an official release of the GH series.
      > It's never been released officially, either, so it's got another factor in
      > common with "Search."
      > Marta
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