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5928RE: (OT) Green Hornet film, etc.

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  • martin allen
    Sep 4, 2010
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            Hi Marta,

                Wow--you have just the lead time I would have always wished for myself--I've lost track of the times when I could have said 'missed it by that much'. Lee was fantastic--as a kid, I was always evenly divided over who I liked more, the Hornet or Kato.
                 The fact that we can find links between stuff like 'Search', 'Green Hornet', 'Enter the Dragon' and the like just speaks oodles about the popular culture of those years past. All of which built upon the radio years of before--and hopefully will continue thru today, no matter how many tangents it may take.
                 And I am writing this without a clue as to the gamut of on-site-e-mail regarding the GH film at the moment. So there.
                  Pity we can't seem to find the right tangent to convince certain 'powers that be' that one of our favorite shows of years past Really Is just about as relevant now as it was then. 'Adonis File' being just one of them--'The Packagers', another. And as for the psychological underpinnings of 'The Ends of the Earth'; well, need we go on?


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      "Enter the Dragon" came out the year I was 16, so I did get to see it in the theatre; Ahna Capri certainly made an impression in that role. It was right after Bruce Lee died so I was aware that this was his final film, which gave an air of unreality to it. Right after that a local drive-in held a Saturday screening of all five of his films, which I managed to stay awake through. I was a long-time fan of Lee, thanks to "The Green Hornet." For me, he can be the only Kato. I did see a trailer for the new "Green Hornet" film last week, which looks like it might stay close to the style of the series. The Black Beauty looked very similar.


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      Yep. Tour guide and John Saxon's love interest. Comes to a sticky end, like about 3/4 of Han's gang. It's one of those films I always wanted to see in the theater when it came out, just too young to drive and the parents weren't going to take me across the river to St. Paul to see it. Got the next best thing to it a few years later tho--a buddy of mine in Houston bought it on 16mm, in widescreen; at a convention. He still has it.

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      Subject: Re: [probe_control] Ahna Capri --best role

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      Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010, 8:44 PM

      She was the woman who guided Bruce Lee & others around that temple fort, right?

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      Subject: Re: [probe_control] Ahna Capri --best role

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      Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010, 5:35 PM

      Let's not forget her small, but important part in 'Enter the Dragon'.

      Just don't watch the movie on YouTube, It deserves to be seen on a real TV, in letterbox.

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      Subject: [probe_control] Ahna Capri passed away on August 19th

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      Date: Thursday, September 2, 2010, 6:31 PM

      Received an email from Jim Alexander earlier today regarding the passing of actress Ahna Capri, who played Pam Perry in the Bianco episode, "The Clayton Lewis Document."

      Her imdb page:


      From imdb:

      A longtime resident of the San Fernando Valley, Ahna was involved in a fatal traffic accident in North Hollywood on August 9, 2010 when a five-ton truck collided with her car. After spending more than a week in a coma on life support at a hospital, Capri passed away with family members at her side at age 65 on August 19, 2010.

      Looking over her imdb page, she apparently worked again with Tony Franciosa in a 1975 "Matt Helm" episode entitled, "Squeeze Play."

      She also appeared in a "Name of the Game" episode entitled, "Swinger's Only" with Robert Stack. The episode was written by Search story editor and producer Anthony Spinner, and was directed by Search director Barry Shear.

      Screen capture of Ahna from her "Search" episode:


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