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5585Network 'options' for additional series episodes

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  • dghprobe3
    Aug 4, 2009
      --- In probe_control, John <actingman6@...> wrote:
      > My educated guess is that McClure was supposed to get an eighth
      > episode, but the network or the studio pulled the plug on it

      Hi John: You may have something there.

      If "Search" had been a more popular series, might NBC have ordered one or more 'optional' episodes?

      "Search" only had 23 episodes in it's single season. I looked over the imdb episode guide for "Cannon," which was the higher-rated competition, and William Conrad routinely filmed 24 episodes a year, including the 1972-73 season. I'm sure there are other examples from 1972.


      It is possible that at least one more "Search" episode could have been filmed, but it was nixed when NBC decided to cancel.

      In some of the TOS "Star Trek" books, there were mentions that at least two more third season episodes were in the early planning stages in case NBC were to exercise it's option for more episodes.

      In other words, there could have been two other new episodes produced after "Turnabout Intruder." It was reported that Shatner was slated
      to direct the last of the two episodes. But NBC cancelled the series, and that was that.
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