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5571Re: [probe_control] Re: Search YouTube Videos (+World Sec. Bldg.)

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    Aug 4, 2009
      Martin wrote:
      >... This is so great to see. I know some people think it takes the magic away when you see where shows were actually filmed, but I don't. For me, it makes it more real.
      I agree with Martin! I LOVE seeing footage from today of 'yesterday's' filming locations. I love seeing how they've changed (or haven't). :)

      One of the greatest thrills in my life was standing in the exact spots where Kirk fought the Gorn in the Classic Star Trek episode 'Arena .' I know. I'm a geek. ;) I enjoyed seeing how the Desilu crew kept most of their cameras within a few feet of each other and just pointed them in different directions when filming different scenes. For instance, the bombed 'fort' in the beginning of the episode is just a stone's throw away from the spot where Kirk first encounters the Gorn (and in the story, they're supposed to be literal light years away from each other).

      And while in California, I toured Warner Bros. Studios, and it bothers me to this day that I took a tour tram right alongside the soundstage (clearly marked, which I didn't realize at the time) where SEARCH was filmed! Auuuggghh !

      So, anyone who wants to bring on more 'location' videos has MY enthusiastic support! :)

      Jim Alexander

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