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5569Re: [probe_control] Search YouTube Videos (+World Sec. Bldg.)

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    Aug 4, 2009
      Many, MANY thanks, Ken! Great job--and it is truly appreciated by those of us who'll likely never see'em in person.

      Jim Alexander


      Hi there,

      Well I live in the southern California area so the second WS building
      is only a 45 min. trip for me. And I just took a quick flight to San
      Fan to tape the first building.

      Thank you for the compliments on my videos, I hope to post more this
      fall. Including better video of both buildings and some other
      locations used in other episodes.


      On Aug 3, 2009, at 10:33 PM, dghprobe3 wrote:

      > Finally got to see the Search Mego figure YouTube videos. Very nice
      > job on those. :-)
      > I also found antimatterguy's vid regarding the 'then and now' views
      > of the hero scanner prop and World Securities buildings. This vid
      > not only contains views of both buildings as they appear in the
      > pilot and series, but also views of the buildings from apparent home
      > video taken in 2008. Thanks also go to Carol Jackson for alerting me
      > to this one.
      > Search Scanner & World Securities Bldg. 1972 and 2008 views
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuRrYaeE3bE&feature=related
      > If my previous posts about the building locations helped, let me
      > know. However if someone lives near either area, the buildings are
      > probably easy to pick out as they are so distinctive. :-) Thanks
      > again to antimatterguy for going through the trouble to make this
      > video and for posting it.
      > I wonder how he managed the vids of the two buildings? I hope it
      > wasn't a special trip he made. Maybe he happens to work between San
      > Fran and L.A., or got a friend in either location to send him some
      > video?

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