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5567Search YouTube Videos (+World Sec. Bldg.)

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  • dghprobe3
    Aug 3, 2009
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      Finally got to see the Search Mego figure YouTube videos. Very nice job on those. :-)

      I also found antimatterguy's vid regarding the 'then and now' views of the hero scanner prop and World Securities buildings. This vid not only contains views of both buildings as they appear in the pilot and series, but also views of the buildings from apparent home video taken in 2008. Thanks also go to Carol Jackson for alerting me to this one.

      Search Scanner & World Securities Bldg. 1972 and 2008 views

      If my previous posts about the building locations helped, let me know. However if someone lives near either area, the buildings are probably easy to pick out as they are so distinctive. :-) Thanks again to antimatterguy for going through the trouble to make this video and for posting it.

      I wonder how he managed the vids of the two buildings? I hope it wasn't a special trip he made. Maybe he happens to work between San Fran and L.A., or got a friend in either location to send him some video?
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