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5225Location shooting for 'Search'

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  • dghprobe3
    Feb 20, 2009
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      Hi Geoff and everyone: I'm enjoying the discussion of the different
      shooting locations which were used in Search.

      A few years ago, back when this was egroups and you could post photos
      in messages, we had some articles showing how some sets and locations
      were used and reused.

      As an example, some have noticed that the buildings used for Harbison's
      headquarters in "The Packagers" were reused a few episodes later as
      Vollmer's bank in "Numbered for Death." They did what they could to
      use different camera angles and such, but it was the same location.

      The interior of Harbison's headquarters was used a few episodes later
      as Arlene Morrison's apartment in "Clayton Lewis," etc.

      The small town square and clock tower of "Back to the Future" is one of
      the areas which survived the fire at Universal Studios during June 2008.

      The theater marquee area which was used as a train station in "The
      Bullet" was part of the streets of New York on the Universal backlot,
      and was one of the areas damaged/destroyed by last year's fire. Has
      anyone heard news as to whether or how they plan to rebuild the

      One thing to do is to make vidcaps of these locations as they appear in
      different shows and movies and post the Search comparisons to the
      current site at http://probecontrol.artshost.com/

      Or we can start a "locations" folder in the Photos section and start
      collecting comparison pics there.


      --- In probe_control, <gfwillmetts@...> wrote:

      > Just how many Mexico sets are there then?? My luck they were all made
      from the same mould although other than the brickwork, they would have
      been redressed a lot as well. That's largely why I wondered when it was
      put up.
      > One of the other long-standing sets is the small town that appeared
      in the original `Twilight Zone' and in the `Back To The Future' films.
      > Geoff
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