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5102Re: Anyone see NBC TV Knight Rider?

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  • Dean G.
    Oct 15, 2008
      Greetings, All,

      Just adding my two cents worth (since I don't do it so often). For
      those who aren't able to catch the new "Knight Rider" on Wednesdays,
      it's rebroadcast on the following Friday at 7:00 PM on the SciFi
      Channel (like they wewre doing with the re-imagined "Bionic Woman" -
      which I thought was great... hopefully KR won't fall victim to
      another writer's strike like BW did).

      Oh, and while the new KITT does seem to be more powerful than his
      predecessor, he does have his weaknesses. TransAm KITT had a nearly
      indestructable shell, even when he was totally deactivated. Mustang
      KITT (at least according to the pilot movie) is impervious as long as
      his computer is on line; when deactivated, "... the nano-technology
      can't repair the damage without the computer..." meaning he's just as
      vulnerable as any other car on the roads.

      Also, as shown in recent eposides:
      if he transforms while in mid-turbo boost his structural integrity is
      compromised and when he lands it can blow something that causes
      computer deactivation;

      if he is subject to intense fire at close range (in this case a .50
      cal machine gun with explosive rounds) it puts a strain on the nano-
      technology repairing the damage and prolonged exposure to such fire
      can cause severe (alluded to possible permanent) damage.

      I'm sure as the series progresses we'll be introduced to more
      weaknesses, which admittedly adds to the tension and suspense, and
      keeps things lively.

      End Run,

      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Russell"
      <stephenrusell@...> wrote:
      > Vs the Old Knight Rider this has a NASA style approach to the KR
      > Missions.
      > KITTs Base is an old airship hanger? someplace & KITT enters into a
      > Tunnel to a Underground Complex & the Mission Team views the
      > via
      > Audio Video feeds from KITT & other devices.
      > The Mission Room uses the latest Flat screen HD TVs etc & stuff old
      > Probe Control NEVER HAD.
      > KITT is the Mustang GTR 500 model.
      > Michael Knight uses ear implants BUT not the wrist comunicator from
      > 80s TV show.
      > FYI for all SEARCH fans.
      > Good computer FX & graphics.
      > Use 2001 Minority Report Virtual Touch Screen modes.
      > Data is sent direct to KITT.
      > Plus KITT can transform into a 4X4 truck, superfast chase car,
      > std Mustang from 1 car.
      > Nice Transformer FX.
      > All KIT variations are Fords
      > To Blog, see myNBC.com & join KR message bds etc.
      > In KITT, Michael uses Hands Free while KITT drives.
      > Great Visual screen FX.
      > See Knight Rider, Wed 8-9PM, PST CA Time.
      > Check your Local listings.
      > Show is worthy of we Probe fans.
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