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4955Re: [probe_control] Hugh's birthday

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  • Ernie Hernandez
    Mar 3, 2008
      That sounds great, I live in Bloomington, IL which is half way for you.
      Unfortunately, I'll be in Vegas until that Friday, I'm trying to talk my wife into going with me.
      Carol, I will send you a check for his charity, but where do you want me to send it to??

      Might see ya there.


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      Subject: [probe_control] Hugh's birthday

      Hi Ernie,
      I'll be going to Chicago from St. Louis Missouri. The mechanic has
      vehad the Comet since Tuesday and is keeping it over the weekend.
      everything looks good so far. he worked on the front brakes and put in
      a new radiator and says so far everything checks out ok. He is very
      Right now I'm thinking about leaving on friday. If I get what I
      want on Saturday I'll leave then and go to Wisconsin and take care of
      some business for my dad. I've got the week off.
      I don't know anything about paypal. I thought since i'm going I
      could take him checks from people and let him know its from SEARCH
      fans. Maybe somebody else has a better idea? i think it would be neat
      to let him know we are out here and we still like SEARCH.
      Carol Jackson

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