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4854Re: [probe_control] Re: Probe Control Re-imagined

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  • probecontrol@sigecom.net
    Nov 20, 2007
      You're right, Dino. The new Jaime Sommers isn't all that far away from being outfitted like a Probe Agent via her 'anthrocytes.' :)

      Jim Alexander


      > Greetings, All,
      > Along these lines (and a bit OT), has anyone seen
      > any of the SciFi
      > Channel's latest rendition of "The Bionic Woman"?
      > The guys at
      > the "home office" can track Jamie through the
      > GPS/Lo-jack in her
      > bionics, see what she sees through her bionic eye,
      > and hear what she
      > hears through her bionic ear. The ear, I think,
      > however, only works
      > one way - they still have to talk to her via cell
      > phone or the like
      > for her to hear them. (Although, when she doesn't
      > answer the phone,
      > like Probe Control, they can send a feed-back
      > through her ear to get
      > her attention.)
      > How's that for a quasi-probe agent with updated
      > implants?
      > End Run,
      > Dino
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