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4850Re: Probe Control Re-imagined

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  • search_fan
    Nov 20, 2007
      - -- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, "Dean G." <LambuLambu@...> wrote:

      I ofter wonder what Leslie Stevens brilliant mind would have come up
      with with new technology and curret conditions in the world story wise
      for SEARCH.
      Carol Jackson

      > Greetings, All,
      > I know it's probably been ages since I've had anything to
      > contribute (no, it HAS been ages). So, since the group has been
      > UNUSUALLY quiet this month I thought I'd share some interesting
      > possibilities with everyone.
      > Since every so often the topic of 'how would Probe Control look
      > if "Search" was revived as a modern series?' comes up, I bring it up
      > now and I pass on something that came to my attention courtesy of
      > NASA Tech Briefs:
      > http://www.techinteriors.com/installations.htm
      > Personally, I can see several of these as strong contenders (mind
      > you, each of the following would need a few modifications to lighting
      > to give it the true feeling of our beloved Probe Control):
      > the "GE Operations Center" could present the feel of Probe Control
      > from the pilot movie - containing several Probe Control Units;
      > the "Security Console" would give it that "bridge of the Galactica"
      > feeling (either Galactica actually);
      > the "Global Command Center Console", layout-wise, best captures the
      > general arrangement of the original Probe Control;
      > now take the back chair away from the "Call Center Console", add it
      > to the "Security Console" above as Cameron's console, and you
      > complete the feeling.
      > Now, while "Control Room Console and Mobile Video
      > Wall", "Monitoring Station", and "Military Command Console" each have
      > their merits, I couldn't get past their having a strong feeling of
      > being in a Batcave, regardless of lighting.
      > End Run,
      > Dino
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