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4845Probe Control Re-imagined

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  • Dean G.
    Nov 19, 2007
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      Greetings, All,

      I know it's probably been ages since I've had anything to
      contribute (no, it HAS been ages). So, since the group has been
      UNUSUALLY quiet this month I thought I'd share some interesting
      possibilities with everyone.

      Since every so often the topic of 'how would Probe Control look
      if "Search" was revived as a modern series?' comes up, I bring it up
      now and I pass on something that came to my attention courtesy of
      NASA Tech Briefs:


      Personally, I can see several of these as strong contenders (mind
      you, each of the following would need a few modifications to lighting
      to give it the true feeling of our beloved Probe Control):

      the "GE Operations Center" could present the feel of Probe Control
      from the pilot movie - containing several Probe Control Units;

      the "Security Console" would give it that "bridge of the Galactica"
      feeling (either Galactica actually);

      the "Global Command Center Console", layout-wise, best captures the
      general arrangement of the original Probe Control;

      now take the back chair away from the "Call Center Console", add it
      to the "Security Console" above as Cameron's console, and you
      complete the feeling.

      Now, while "Control Room Console and Mobile Video
      Wall", "Monitoring Station", and "Military Command Console" each have
      their merits, I couldn't get past their having a strong feeling of
      being in a Batcave, regardless of lighting.

      End Run,
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