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4580Re: [probe_control] OT That Somehow Becomes OT

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  • actingman6@gmail.com
    Jul 2, 2007
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      Pristine? Not necessarily. Prints of some kind? Yes.

      Remember Encore Action had a faded 16mm copy of the second telecast episode
      of Time Tunnel.

      It was only with the DVD release that we got to see the episode in glorious
      35mm...as well as a breath-taking remastering effort.

      Now it could mean that either 1) Warners does have video masters of some
      kind of Search already done or 2) If a network wanted to book it, then
      Warners would get something mastered and send it out.

      All speculation of course.

      On 7/2/07, probecontrol@... <probecontrol@...> wrote:
      > <actingman6%40gmail.com>
      > I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying, John... but I'm
      > remembering that one of the cable movie channels (ENCORE:
      > ACTION; the same one that ran THE TIME TUNNEL, THE GREEN
      > HORNET and COMBAT for awhile) was considering purchasing
      > SEARCH at one time.
      > Doesn't that mean that pristine prints would be available?
      > Thanks--
      > Jim Alexander

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