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4579Re: [probe_control] OT That Somehow Becomes OT

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  • probecontrol@sigecom.net
    Jul 2, 2007
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      actingman6@... wrote:
      > The first mini-series was released on an indi DVD
      > label, and they did it up
      > right. I never knew the thing had been filmed in
      > wide screen, but they
      > presented it in letterbox format, and redid the
      > sound for full effect (and
      > the Kenneth Johnson commentary is a trip to film
      > school...one of the best I
      > have ever heard.)
      Johnson's commentaries are some of the absolute BEST. The
      man works REALLY HARD to dig up interesting facts about the
      > Now of course any release of Search would be a vast
      > improvement...even if it
      > were from 16mm. But I remember how one of our
      > message posters said they
      > scanned the Warners storage list...and Search
      > elements were either not
      > completely listed, or listed in different salt mines
      > all over the place. So
      > at best...if Search were to somehow see the light of
      > day...it would, at best
      > I think, look like V the series does.
      > Unless there are no video masterings at all, and
      > they could get their hands
      > on the 35mm originals.
      I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying, John... but I'm
      remembering that one of the cable movie channels (ENCORE:
      ACTION; the same one that ran THE TIME TUNNEL, THE GREEN
      HORNET and COMBAT for awhile) was considering purchasing
      SEARCH at one time.

      Doesn't that mean that pristine prints would be available?


      Jim Alexander
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