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4560OT: DVD Supersale

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  • probecontrol@sigecom.net
    Jun 1, 2007
      SUPERSALE is another coupon code, folks. :) In case you
      forget something on your FIRST order after using DVDTALK. ;)

      Thanks, John--

      Jim Alexander
      > Time to demonstrate why I cannot be trusted with
      > money.
      > Deepdiscount.com (previously deepdiscountdvd.com) is
      > having their usual June
      > 20% off sale.
      > 6/1-6/16, use the coupon code DVDTALK (there will
      > probably be other codes as
      > well.)
      > Shipping is free, and while it is good for stuff
      > that is out of stock, it is
      > NOT good for pre-order items.
      > I may wait until the last day, because last Nov (?)
      > they extended the sale
      > for a few extra days, which allowed me to get an
      > additional expensive item
      > that then became available. I have a couple of items
      > that are available on
      > 6/19, so I have my fingers crossed...although that
      > was the first time they
      > had ever extended the sale.
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