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4540OT: DVD Supersale

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  • actingman6@gmail.com
    Jun 1, 2007
      Time to demonstrate why I cannot be trusted with money.

      Deepdiscount.com (previously deepdiscountdvd.com) is having their usual June
      20% off sale.

      6/1-6/16, use the coupon code DVDTALK (there will probably be other codes as

      Shipping is free, and while it is good for stuff that is out of stock, it is
      NOT good for pre-order items.

      I may wait until the last day, because last Nov (?) they extended the sale
      for a few extra days, which allowed me to get an additional expensive item
      that then became available. I have a couple of items that are available on
      6/19, so I have my fingers crossed...although that was the first time they
      had ever extended the sale.

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