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  • Jim Alexander
    Feb 2, 2001
      Don Harden wrote:
      >... Send your reactions as they occur to you.  It helps to know what everyone likes.  That way, I'll know more about what I should be putting on future CDs.

      Well, here's a thought that occurred to me as I was listening to your (my?) copy of LIVE MEN TELL TALES.  One of the characters-- Magda-- refers to the entity represented by our friends at World Securities as "Probe".

      Now we all know from SEARCH 101 class that the corporation was never referred to in that way, by the people who worked there.  "Probe Division" I believe, is as close as they got.  However, I remember (though the specific instances escape me) that other characters in the episodes have, on occasion, referred to "Probe", as Magda did.

      I just looked up the line in my script, and it reads:

      MAGDA: "Bianco is one of their top agents.  If he were killed too, Probe would do everything in their power to get ot the bottom of it!"

      Comments, gents?  Is this a discrepancy???

      Jim Alexander