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4414Re: Upcoming PROBE CONTROL Website Mention

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  • Mike
    Apr 11, 2007
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      Hi Jim, Don and ALL,

      Thank you to ALL that have expressed their best wishes and prays for
      for my mom. She is doing better and has come a long way since she
      went in the hospital 5 weeks ago.

      I thought I would just reply to the last message instead of making a
      new topic.

      Good Day ALL,


      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, <probecontrol@...> wrote:
      > I just got through trading e-mails with a longtime
      > acquaintance of mine. His name is Beau Smith. You probably
      > don't know that name, but most folks who're comic book fans
      > do.
      > Beau's been in the business a LOOONG time, and has worked for
      > many comic companies--including Eclipse, DC Comics, and Todd
      > (creator of SPAWN) McFarlane's company, too. Currently, he
      > works for a comic publisher called IDW. Among other titles,
      > they publish a comic related to Fox's '24' TV show. Beau's
      > current comic book is called COBB: OFF THE LEASH, and this it
      > what it looks like this:
      > http://www.amazon.com/Cobb-Off-Leash-Beau-Smith/dp/1600100260
      > But I digress.
      > Beau professes to love all things 'rough' and 'manly.' He
      > purports to be one testosterone-filled dude. We'd talked
      > about SEARCH a couple of times in the past. Just as a lark,
      > I asked him if he'd mention the show and the probecontrol.com
      > website in his weekly column, which he calls BUSTED
      > KNUCKLES. Here's the latest:
      > http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/busted/
      > Beau said he'd be tickled to do so. So--look for a mention
      > of SEARCH--probably in the next edition, which is new every
      > Monday, I believe.
      > This oughtta be a bit of nice publicity for the site. Beau's
      > column is widely read by comic book professionals, the TV and
      > movie community (the producers of '24' have expressed
      > interest in developing COBB as a movie or TV show), as well
      > as hundreds of thousands of comics fans, too.
      > I'll send another link when the SEARCH mention appears.
      > Thanks--
      > Jim Alexander
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