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4414Re: Upcoming PROBE CONTROL Website Mention

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  • Mike
    Apr 11, 2007
      Hi Jim, Don and ALL,

      Thank you to ALL that have expressed their best wishes and prays for
      for my mom. She is doing better and has come a long way since she
      went in the hospital 5 weeks ago.

      I thought I would just reply to the last message instead of making a
      new topic.

      Good Day ALL,


      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, <probecontrol@...> wrote:
      > I just got through trading e-mails with a longtime
      > acquaintance of mine. His name is Beau Smith. You probably
      > don't know that name, but most folks who're comic book fans
      > do.
      > Beau's been in the business a LOOONG time, and has worked for
      > many comic companies--including Eclipse, DC Comics, and Todd
      > (creator of SPAWN) McFarlane's company, too. Currently, he
      > works for a comic publisher called IDW. Among other titles,
      > they publish a comic related to Fox's '24' TV show. Beau's
      > current comic book is called COBB: OFF THE LEASH, and this it
      > what it looks like this:
      > http://www.amazon.com/Cobb-Off-Leash-Beau-Smith/dp/1600100260
      > But I digress.
      > Beau professes to love all things 'rough' and 'manly.' He
      > purports to be one testosterone-filled dude. We'd talked
      > about SEARCH a couple of times in the past. Just as a lark,
      > I asked him if he'd mention the show and the probecontrol.com
      > website in his weekly column, which he calls BUSTED
      > KNUCKLES. Here's the latest:
      > http://www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com/busted/
      > Beau said he'd be tickled to do so. So--look for a mention
      > of SEARCH--probably in the next edition, which is new every
      > Monday, I believe.
      > This oughtta be a bit of nice publicity for the site. Beau's
      > column is widely read by comic book professionals, the TV and
      > movie community (the producers of '24' have expressed
      > interest in developing COBB as a movie or TV show), as well
      > as hundreds of thousands of comics fans, too.
      > I'll send another link when the SEARCH mention appears.
      > Thanks--
      > Jim Alexander
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