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  • yorktowncmdr@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Greetings Again,

      >Hi: AMC Movie Channel runs "The Chairman" from time to time, but I
      >suspect the film is edited. I have an AMC recording of it, but it'd
      >be nice to get an unedited version. Also sad to say that Arthur Hill
      >(who played Shelby, the nearest equivilent to Cam in the movie) passed
      >away 22 Oct 2006.

      I will add that both Encore and Fox Movie Channel would run "The Chairman"
      from time-to-time, thankfully, free of commercials. Arthur Hill's passing got
      by me. How did that happen. Sorry to hear about it.

      The DVD has some bonus features too. There is a deleted scene involving more
      with Hathaway in his hotel suite with Ting-Ling played by Zienia Merton
      (Sandra in "Space 1999). Let me say we can see much more of Zienia Merton ;)

      >Plotwise, the movie reminds me a lot of "The Bullet" because the agent
      >must retrieve a complex formula from a foreign country, then is faced
      >with having to make a seemingly impossible escape.

      It's a good comparison for Hathaway's escape from the PRC. It also touches
      upon biophysics and biochemistry for the story's backdrop.

      >I've always liked to refer to "The Chairman" as the unofficial first
      >pilot for "Search," the same way I've always referred to "Forbidden
      >Planet" as the unofficial first pilot for "Star Trek." :-)

      That's my sentiment about "The Chairman" too. I even feel that the movie is
      better than the J. Richard Kennedy book. Once again the addy to find the
      movie is as follows: http://www.sendmemovies.com I am a very happy customer.

      End Run,


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