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  • dghprobe3
    Mar 1, 2007
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      --- In probe_control, yorktowncmdr@... wrote:
      > "The Chairman" has come within our realm of discussion as a
      progenitor to SEARCH. For those interested in having a DVD of this
      taut thriller it is available from sendmemovies.com.

      Hi: AMC Movie Channel runs "The Chairman" from time to time, but I
      suspect the film is edited. I have an AMC recording of it, but it'd
      be nice to get an unedited version. Also sad to say that Arthur Hill
      (who played Shelby, the nearest equivilent to Cam in the movie) passed
      away 22 Oct 2006.

      Plotwise, the movie reminds me a lot of "The Bullet" because the agent
      must retrieve a complex formula from a foreign country, then is faced
      with having to make a seemingly impossible escape.

      I've always liked to refer to "The Chairman" as the unofficial first
      pilot for "Search," the same way I've always referred to "Forbidden
      Planet" as the unofficial first pilot for "Star Trek." :-)

      IMDb on "The Chairman":
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