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4223Kuroda's first name

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  • Robert J. Sawyer
    Jan 1, 2007
      Is there any canonical (on-air) reference to the first name of the
      character Kuroda (the Probe Control technician played by Byron Chung)?

      The pilot script gives his full name as "Shu Shu Kuroda," as you can
      see here:


      But that name wasn't actually used in the pilot as aired. We learned
      so little about the Probe Control staff (although we did glean a
      little about Cameron and Gloria) that I doubt we ever did hear
      Kuroda's first name, but if we did, I'm sure someone here will remember.

      (By the way, the same pilot script tells us that Carlos is that
      character's FIRST name; his last name is given as Lobos; Keach gets no
      first name, nor does Griffin, although he's called "Dr. Griffin" by
      Lockwood at one point.)

      I'm curious because I'm naming a computer-imaging specialist in the
      novel I'm currently writing "Kuroda," in homage to SEARCH, and if
      there was a first name used in one of the episodes, I might use it.

      Many thanks!


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