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4070OT - Star Trek Enhanced

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  • Skip Brown
    Sep 24, 2006
      I finally got to see the first of the new Star Trek "enhanced" episodes, via
      torrent download. I tried to record the program with my ATI HD All In
      Wonder Card in order to see it in HD, but the recording failed. As a backup
      I tried to record it with my VCR, but recorded the wrong channel! I have
      been searching for a torrent for a week, just to see this episode, and
      finally found one. I must say, even though I have seen the "Balance of
      Terror" many times before (in reruns) I am very impressed with the

      For all the skeptics and extreme purists out there, the "changes" to the
      episode are minimal - some digital art on ship externals, star effects
      (with less film flicker), more realistic phasers, and plasma explosions,
      plus improved stereo field sound. The enhancements were not like George
      Lucas' revisions of the Star Wars movies. Yet, the overall effect is very

      What impressed me the most about the enhancements, were the depth, and color
      of the bridge scenes. The contrast and tones, even with the special key
      lighting, were vivid and dramatic. The digital work brought out textures
      that were missing in many of the scenes. If these elements can be applied
      to other series of that era, we might be seeing a whole new audience for the
      shows we grew up with.

      I know I "cheated" this time around, by downloading a torrent, but if you
      get a chance to see the enhanced series, do so. Support the sponsors, and
      let CBS/Paramount know that you appreciate their efforts. In fact, if you
      want to buy the Star Trek (The Original Series) on DVD, wait for a while,
      and get the enhanced version. You'll be impressed.

      Thanks again to Mike Okuda, and all the others who worked on the
      enhancements as a labor of love. It really shows!

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