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4055Re: [probe_control] OFF TOPIC - So That's What Mike Has Been Doing!

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  • Richard D. Perez
    Sep 3, 2006
      It is my understanding they will use the 'syndication' prints, which
      were recut by Par and mastered to videotape some time ago.

      TV Land is the latest cable network to get TOS, but no mention was made
      about the digital remakes.

      Personally, I don't like the fact that they can now go back and screw
      with a show just because a younger generation expects more out of sci-fi
      special effects. This same idiot mentality is what keeps great black and
      white series off TV today.

      This generation is missing out on great character-driven programs like
      "Route 66" and "The Fugitive" just because they weren't shot in color
      (and before you jump on me, I know the last season of The Fugitive was
      in color).

      I say, leave TOS alone. Remaster the prints, yes. Update the effects,
      no. Let the show stand as a testament to the ear in which it was produced.

      Richard D. Perez

      actingman6@... wrote:
      > I am more curious to know if they are going to do restoration on the
      > rest of
      > the footage...never mind the special effects.
      > I have the latest TOS by season DVD releases, and I was shocked at the
      > condition of the episodes...especially in the first season. The amount of
      > frame damage was very disturbing.
      > It will be interesting to see the quality of the prints when the first
      > season of Mission Impossible comes out...to see if it had anything to do
      > with both shows being done at an income strapped studio...or if the Trek
      > masters were neglected by Paramount when they bought out Desilu (until
      > they
      > realized what they had on their hands.)
      > Seeing the breath-taking clarity and quality of the Time Tunnel masterings
      > on DVD (done at the same time as first season Trek) has given me much to
      > wonder about the condition of the Trek materials.
      > And BTW...what is the value of new special effects if, in order to get
      > them
      > aired...they end up cutting out scenes for more commercial time in today's
      > syndication market?
      > On 9/2/06, Skip Brown <skipster61@...
      > <mailto:skipster61%40gmail.com>> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey everyone.
      > >
      > > It's been a while since I have posted here. The recent news of Joseph
      > > Stephano's passing (co-producer with Leslie on "Outer Limits") was
      > > something
      > > I was going to post, but I see that Jim already got to that one. Of
      > > course,
      > > our prayers go to his family.
      > >
      > > On an off-topic, one of our list members Mike Okuda has been a busy
      > little
      > > bee. I for one, am shocked that I didn't see it coming!
      > >
      > > It was announced yesterday, (or Thursday) that a redux version of the
      > > original Star Trek series is being distributed into syndication with all
      > > new
      > > CGI effects, HD quality transfer, and digital sound enhancements. I
      > often
      > > thought that would be the next step in the Star Trek franchise, to
      > > re-release the series with broad enhancements, but I never knew they
      > were
      > > actually doing it. (How did they keep it so secret?)
      > >
      > > I believe the first redux I ever encountered was Speilberg's first
      > > re-release of Close Encounters, with the new scenes and new special
      > > effects.
      > > Of course, Lucasfilm did the same with Star Wars, and later in the
      > > Director's series, Paramount revamped a few of the Star Trek movies, but
      > > how
      > > long has this enhanced Star Trek series been in the works?
      > >
      > > I am both shocked and pleased! I can't wait until September 16, to
      > see it!
      > > Anyone know where to find out what stations will be broadcasting it? CBS
      > > is
      > > distributing it for weekend exposure, but I don't have any further
      > > information. Anyone?
      > >
      > > Anyway, if its not out of place, I want to pass on my regards to Mike
      > > Okuda
      > > and his staff, and let him know, as a fan of the ST:TOS, it's a pleasant
      > > surprise to hear about their work. I am anticipating the series, and
      > later
      > > the new DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs that are sure to be produced. (Mike, will
      > > you
      > > and your wife do commentary on that? Is it too early to say?)
      > >
      > > Have a good one!
      > >
      > > Skip Brown
      > >
      > > Skipster61@... <mailto:Skipster61%40gmail.com>
      > <Skipster61%40gmail.com>
      > >
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