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4053OFF TOPIC - So That's What Mike Has Been Doing!

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  • Skip Brown
    Sep 2, 2006
      Hey everyone.

      It's been a while since I have posted here. The recent news of Joseph
      Stephano's passing (co-producer with Leslie on "Outer Limits") was something
      I was going to post, but I see that Jim already got to that one. Of course,
      our prayers go to his family.

      On an off-topic, one of our list members Mike Okuda has been a busy little
      bee. I for one, am shocked that I didn't see it coming!

      It was announced yesterday, (or Thursday) that a redux version of the
      original Star Trek series is being distributed into syndication with all new
      CGI effects, HD quality transfer, and digital sound enhancements. I often
      thought that would be the next step in the Star Trek franchise, to
      re-release the series with broad enhancements, but I never knew they were
      actually doing it. (How did they keep it so secret?)

      I believe the first redux I ever encountered was Speilberg's first
      re-release of Close Encounters, with the new scenes and new special effects.
      Of course, Lucasfilm did the same with Star Wars, and later in the
      Director's series, Paramount revamped a few of the Star Trek movies, but how
      long has this enhanced Star Trek series been in the works?

      I am both shocked and pleased! I can't wait until September 16, to see it!
      Anyone know where to find out what stations will be broadcasting it? CBS is
      distributing it for weekend exposure, but I don't have any further
      information. Anyone?

      Anyway, if its not out of place, I want to pass on my regards to Mike Okuda
      and his staff, and let him know, as a fan of the ST:TOS, it's a pleasant
      surprise to hear about their work. I am anticipating the series, and later
      the new DVDs, or Blu-Ray discs that are sure to be produced. (Mike, will you
      and your wife do commentary on that? Is it too early to say?)

      Have a good one!

      Skip Brown


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