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3996Re: [probe_control] 1972-1973 season reviewed on TV PARTY!

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  • Richard D. Perez
    Jul 15, 2006

      THE SIXTH SENSE was never recut. The hourlong episodes were simply
      're-wrapped' by Serling and added to the NIGHT GALLERY package. It will
      be interesting to see if these episodes come out on DVD as part of the
      NIGHT GALLERY releases.

      BTW, will the fellow who wanted to trade for SEARCH episodes with me
      please contact ME?

      Marta Dawes wrote:
      > Thanks for posting this, Chris. I very much remember both "The Sixth
      > Sense"
      > and "Banyon," the last of which was a decent show starring Robert Forster.
      > At the time it impressed me with its noir feeling, and I was only 15. I
      > would love to see this again. In the early 70's the fall season preview TV
      > Guide was the most awaited magazine at my house. I loved what they did
      > with
      > the new shows section, and I remember the pictures of "Banyon" fondly to
      > this day.
      > "Sixth Sense" hasn't been shown in those uncut 1 hour episodes since that
      > original run; it was chopped down to a half hour, each episode renamed
      > some
      > ridiculously insipid name, and wedged into the "Night Gallery" syndication
      > package with new intros by Rod (for which he was paid a fortune, probably
      > the only reason he did them). It helped to draw the opinion of the far
      > superior NG downwards, since NG had been cut for syndication as well. I
      > remember "Sixth Sense" as being talky and boring, but I'd like to see
      > those
      > uncut episodes again, just to decide for myself. My best friend loved Gary
      > Collins, or I would never have seen the series.
      > Marta
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      > Hi gang, just wanted to let everyone know that TV PARTY! is looking
      > back at
      > the 1972-1973 TV season. Of course I wouldn't be writing this if they did
      > not
      > include Search. Search is one the program's profiled on the second page of
      > the article. Most of the write up looks like a cut and paste job from the
      > article Don Harden submitted about three years ago. However they did add
      > the
      > beginning teaser and opening title of the Gold Machine. COOL! Did you
      > provide
      > them with that Don?
      > Somehow they managed to fine out what some of the other lower rated
      > shows ranked for the season. Search may have lost the ratings war to Frank
      > Cannon
      > but Probe Control kicked the Julie Andrews Show butt! Her show was ranked
      > number 61 for the Neilsens. The only other two shows less popular that
      > year
      > were The Sixth Sense and Banyon (remember that one?). I wonder what kind
      > of
      > damage Owen Marshall did to Search for the second part of the 1973 season
      > when
      > it was moved into the Julie Andrews time slot. I am already ahead of you
      > though. I e-mailed the author, Billy Ingram and asked were Search was
      > rated
      > for
      > that season. He said he did not have that information available to him.
      > Like I said, a good interesting for TV buffs. Also, look for the cool
      > advertisement for the Sixth Sense. Enjoy.
      > Chris
      > _http://www.tvparty.com/70fall72-2.html_
      > <http://www.tvparty.com/70fall72-2.html_>
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