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39941972-1973 season reviewed on TV PARTY!

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  • dmanmetz@aol.com
    Jul 14, 2006
      Hi gang, just wanted to let everyone know that TV PARTY! is looking back at
      the 1972-1973 TV season. Of course I wouldn't be writing this if they did not
      include Search. Search is one the program's profiled on the second page of
      the article. Most of the write up looks like a cut and paste job from the
      article Don Harden submitted about three years ago. However they did add the
      beginning teaser and opening title of the Gold Machine. COOL! Did you provide
      them with that Don?
      Somehow they managed to fine out what some of the other lower rated
      shows ranked for the season. Search may have lost the ratings war to Frank Cannon
      but Probe Control kicked the Julie Andrews Show butt! Her show was ranked
      number 61 for the Neilsens. The only other two shows less popular that year
      were The Sixth Sense and Banyon (remember that one?). I wonder what kind of
      damage Owen Marshall did to Search for the second part of the 1973 season when
      it was moved into the Julie Andrews time slot. I am already ahead of you
      though. I e-mailed the author, Billy Ingram and asked were Search was rated for
      that season. He said he did not have that information available to him.
      Like I said, a good interesting for TV buffs. Also, look for the cool
      advertisement for the Sixth Sense. Enjoy.



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