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3756Re: OT: Any Good Remakes?

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  • dghprobe3
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Paramount messed up badly by vascillating on the Trek revival project
      during the mid-1970's. They couldn't decide whether to bring it back
      as a TV or theatrical movie. It didn't help that Roddenberry from
      the start wanted to do a controversial script that debated over the
      nature of God, instead of doing a strong action-adventure "Balance of
      Terror" type plot story.

      Then George Lucas came along and surprised Hollywood by showing that
      there was a market for sci-fi, of all things. Then Paramount
      compounded their earlier vacillation mistakes with the decision to
      rush into production, but they still didn't know which way to go.

      Obviously they wanted to beat Star Wars in the area of special
      effects. In their favor, they wisely decided not to venture into the
      same juvenile space opera territory. So they used the more serious
      approach of "2001," and combined it with a story idea from the
      aborted "Genesis II" TV series ("Robot's Return"), which itself was
      cobbled from original Trek's "Changeling" episode. The ultimate
      trouble with ST-TMP was that there was no antagonist. V'ger turned
      out to be a confused altered super space probe. And they violated
      one of the tenets of the original series writer's guide, which warned
      writers not to get caught up in "the wonder of it all."

      For the second movie, Roddenberry wanted to do a replay of the JFK
      assassination where Spock turned out to be the assassin. It wasn't
      until Harve Bennett came along and decided to watch the original
      episodes for source material that things improved. "Space Seed" was
      one of the few episodes that left the viewer asking for more, with a
      fascinating villain to boot. And the rest is history.
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