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3412Scanner Power

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  • galacticprobe
    Dec 1, 2005
      Greetings, All,

      I had a thought the other day; working with electronics for so
      long one doesn't stop to actually "think" of the basics anymore, it
      becomes just routine & one ignores it much like one ignores tying
      shoes (it happens almost on its own).

      Anyway, since the scanner is magnetic, assuming the magnet is at
      the back where it "attaches" to the ring, neck chain, etc., a coil of
      fine wire wrapping around the inside of the casing - such as one for
      its antenna - would be subjected to the magnet's lines of flux
      (technical term for magnetic field).

      Anyone familiar with basic electronics (or electricity) knows that
      a wire coil exposed to a megnetic field in just the right way has a
      voltage induced into the coil. While something on the scanner's scale
      wouldn't produce all that much power, it might provide enough for the
      scanner to "idle" on its own when it's not receiving power
      transmission from Probe Control. Those transmissions (in the form of
      radio waves) could feasibly provide the extra power needed for normal
      scanner operation as they also induce voltage in the antenna coil.
      (Like ordinary radio waves provide the power for crystal radio
      reception - no power source other than the radio signal yet the
      crystal receiver still works.)

      I'm not an engineer & even thinking about how it would all work
      together with the varying power levels Control sends out to operate
      the different scanner functions makes my brain hurt. But the theory
      seems somewhat realistic.

      Well, enough of my babbling for now.
      End Run,
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