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  • Morningstar
    May 5, 2004
      Of course not. No one wants to tell anyone. The government doesn't
      want to let everyone know that they sold the digital stations at a
      bargain price.

      Television manufacturers don't want to tell people that the
      televisions in the showrooms are going to be obsolete in a few years.

      Local broadcasters don't want to let everyone know that they will be
      showing substandard material until they upgrade. No one wants to say

      Interesting things about the broadcasting. Has anyone ever worried
      about the "v-chip?" I mean, since it is designed to interupt
      television reception, and the emergency alert system is nationwide,
      what happens if there is something that the government doesn't want
      people to know? Can the government activate the "v-chip" through the EAS?

      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, "dghprobe3" <dghprobe3@a...> wrote:
      > --- In probe_control, "Morningstar" wrote:
      > > First, the stations have already been sold. They were auctioned off
      > > several years ago...
      > Ahh, thanks for the info. Evidently I'd been reading dated info on
      > the auctioning of stations. But I was wondering if the Average Joe
      > is aware these changes are about to take place, soon to be mandatory
      > within the next few years.
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