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273Computers-- STILL can't live with'em...

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  • Jim Alexander
    Oct 8, 2000
      Well-- Got the computer back tonight, and hooked'er ll up... and don't'cha
      know it... it's doing the exact same thing it was when I took it in last

      I could just SPIT!

      Anyway, I don't know what I'm gonna do now, but I GUESS I'll have e-mail
      for the next few days-- so, write and say "hi"! I'm catching up n 141
      pieces of old mail... ;)


      Jim Alexander wrote:

      > Just a note to all concerned--
      > I'm taking in the computer tower to BEST BUY this evening. The &%^%$#
      > thing doesn't seem to wanna burn CD's, and for the money I'm spending on
      > it-- it NEEEEEEDS to.
      > I may not be too quick with the e-mail replies for a bit. I am at the
      > mercy of the BB service tekkies as to when I get the 'puter back... I
      > SHOULD be able to access my e-mail account through Dynasty OnLine's web
      > page-- I will GET mail-- but prolly not access it but once or twice a
      > week, and only when I can find a computer to use for any length of time.
      > Thanks for listening!
      > Jimmie
      > probecontrol@...
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