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2666Re: Editing (The Derelict)

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  • Morningstar
    Apr 7, 2004
      That should be the case. However, the original prints could have been
      done in sections, for original broadcast and sectioned for commercial

      The format should have been deternimed, since the format is set by the
      networks, and this was produced for CBS. But, I don't discount your

      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, "dghprobe3" <dghprobe3@a...> wrote:
      > --- In probe_control, "Morningstar" wrote:
      > > And, I have been watching "Lost in Space" every Wednesday. The
      > > episodes are good, but Fox screwed up this collection. I am only
      > > through the third episode, but they messed up the intro on episode
      > > 2, "The Derelict." Plus, there is no commentary or any other extras.
      > Hi Morningstar: On "The Derelict," I guess you mean that episode
      > begins immediately with the opening credits, then goes to the
      > program. (This is the only episode which does that.)
      > My understanding is that the episode aired that way on network and in
      > syndication. EVERY syndicated showing I've seen has aired that way.
      > Looking at the episode "teaser," for some reason it runs some 12
      > minutes or more, much longer than the average LIS teaser. It's
      > actually more like a teaser and Act 1 combined.
      > My belief is that somehow it was determined that the opening credits
      > came too late into that particular episode. After all, this was only
      > the second episode, and a new show's identification with the audience
      > may have been the deciding factor in where the opening credits were
      > placed. That's just a guess. :-)
      > I strongly doubt that Fox intentionally messed with the episode. The
      > idea of digitizing to DVD is to do straight conversions of the
      > original 35mm prints as the network aired them.
      > I understand the cliffhangers are intact, but do the LIS episodes
      > contain the mid-episode bumpers, "LIS will return after station
      > identification," "LIS has been brought to you by," etc.?
      > --Don H.
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