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  • Morningstar
    Apr 7, 2004
      Well, point taken. However, longevity on television and longevity in
      our collective intelligence are two different things.

      Interesting that you use the Taco Bell analogy. I have used that and
      McDonalds in making comparisons of quality and authenticity.

      Granted, "Babylon 5" is a much better show than "Roseanne." However,
      which will be around in ten years? What about twenty? Great shows have
      died a quick death because of the numbers game. But, do you disagree
      that there is not a market for original ideas in the movies and

      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, Mike Valerio <mvscreen@s...> wrote:
      > >>>> The real problem is the producers and
      > networks....again, it is the writing that carries a
      > show. <<<<
      > No, it's the audience. The audience carries the show.
      > It's not the writing that carries AMERICAN IDOL or
      > SURVIVOR. There's no writing in those shows.
      > Next season, we're going to have four LAW & ORDER
      > shows and three CSI shows on the air.
      > Why? Because of the writing? No, because people tune
      > in.
      > CBS just yanked CENTURY CITY off the air after a
      > couple of airings.
      > Why? Because the writing was bad?
      > No. Because nobody watched it.
      > TV is an instrument of pure capitalism. The
      > marketplace rules. Every single minute of every single
      > day, the TV business holds an election and the
      > audience is offered the opportunity to vote with their
      > remotes.
      > If enough people tune in, the show stays on. If they
      > don't, it doesn't.
      > You can blame producers and networks for mediocre,
      > redundant product if you like. But as a television
      > professional of nearly 25 years, I'm telling you
      > that's narrow and misguided thinking.
      > Taco Bell doesn't stay in business because they make
      > great Mexican food. They stay in business because huge
      > numbers of people eat there. If people stopped eating
      > at Taco Bell tomorrow, the company would have two
      > choices: Change the product or go out of business. But
      > as long as people keep showing up to chow down at Taco
      > Bell, there's no reason for the folks in charge to
      > change a single thing.
      > TV works exactly same way.
      > You'll get smarter shows when people stop supporting
      > the dumb onesÂ…and their carbon copies.
      > - MV
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