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255probecontrol.com has been updated

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  • Don Harden
    Sep 2, 2000
      Hi everyone, Don Harden here again. Thanks to the efforts of Bryan
      Durk, the probecontrol.com website has some new links and features.
      Members of the SEARCH Mailing List may want to take a look.

      The new features include a large number of slide scan images from
      various SEARCH episodes. There is a section devoted to "The Gold
      Machine," the only episode we don't have on either video or audiotape.

      Here's the link:


      Those of us with AOL-type browsers might have trouble opening the
      pages. If you get an error message, try opening the above link by
      using your AOL-supplied Internet Explorer (that's the button next to
      the AOL button, it's shaped like a blue "e".)

      Bryan explained to me: "AOL tries to cache pages which is causing
      your problem. After about 8 hours AOL finally catches up. You would
      be better off if you connected using AOL, then switched to either
      Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. AOL will work fine, but new
      changes will not be updated." He added that part of the key in
      getting the pages to show up is to keep hitting your RELOAD button.

      If you are able to open the pages and see the new images, please
      share your reactions with us here. Thanks!