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235OT: 4 Star Trek shows banned by BBC during 80s

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  • Don Harden
    Aug 1, 2000
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      Hello again, gang. In a previous post I mentioned that the BBC had
      censored four classic Star Trek episodes during the 1980s. I was
      asked if there was any documentation on that and an article on the
      subject appears below:

      from The Atlanta Journal, Wed. July 18, 1984:

      "BBC drops 'Star Trek' episodes as 'unsuitable' for children"

      The Associated Press

      LONDON -- The British Broadcasting Corp. will not televise
      four "Star Trek" episodes because they are unsuitable for children, a
      BBC spokeswoman said Monday.

      The episodes are not suitable to be shown on early evening
      television when children are watching, said Ann Rosenberg, the
      network's publicity officer.

      She said the BBC received complaints after one of the four
      shows, "Miri," was broadcast. In the program, the crew of the
      starship Enterprise saves the surviving inhabitants of a planet --
      all children -- where everyone dies upon reaching puberty.

      The other three episodes are: "The Empath," in which Capt.
      James T. Kirk and his top officers are tortured by aliens to test the
      psychic healing powers of a young mute woman; "Whom Gods Destroy," in
      which inmates escape from an intergalactic asylum and try to destroy
      the universe; and "Plato's Stepchildren," in which the Enterprise
      crew is captured by aliens who have special psychic powers.

      The remaining 73 "Star Trek" episodes are being shown weekly by
      the BBC.

      The American-made series was first broadcast in the 1960s in the
      United States and gained a cult following. It is widely seen in
      syndication in the United States, and three feature films based on
      the series have been made.

      A similar but far shorter article appeared in VARIETY on July 23,

      Does anyone know whether or not there was any follow-up on this
      story? Did the BBC change their minds on those four episodes in
      later years? Or did Paramount edit them to make them more acceptable?



      --- In probe_control@egroups.com, "Don Harden" <dghprobe3@a...> wrote:

      > ...I've heard that there are some four Classic Star Trek episodes
      > that are not run in England because of a certain type of violence.
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