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  • Skip Brown
    Jan 1, 2003
      Hey gang..

      I know I introduced myself many months ago, but I will refresh your

      I am Harlan "Skip" Brown, Jr. 41, a published freelance writer and
      screenwriter. I have been writing for 25 years. I love to write songs,
      poetry, scripts, web pages and am working on my first novel, plus
      possibly, a book of poetry. In addition, I am in touch with some
      "connections" in Hollywood, concerning a certain script for the revival
      of a CERTAIN Television series (after we determine who holds the rights
      to it).

      Recently I just left a Fortune 100 company, after nearly 8 years there,
      to pursue a more blessed occupation in overseas Christian missionary
      work (I have an opportunity to work for an international organization in
      Ireland, as soon as February).

      I was still in elementary school when SEARCH first came on, so I did not
      get to see more than three or four episodes. But they were memorable to
      me. Even at that age, I was coming up with my own storylines for the
      series. I loved T.V. so much, I used to make my own "network schedule"
      of TV shows I always wanted to see. I would write up blurbs for my new
      series, place them on the schedule, and then write "TV GUIDE"
      descriptions of certain episodes. I remember that I put SEARCH on at
      9:00 pm, on Fridays, so I would be able to "see it". I had a wonderful
      imagination back then.

      The initial Pilot movie was one I had seen more than once, so the
      Lockwood character was the one I was most exposed to. About 15 years
      ago, when I had my first VCR, I taped a repeat of the Pilot, which is
      still shown occasionally on the TBS cable channel. I've worn it out in a
      couple of places, so I may break down and try to get copies of the whole
      series from you guys.

      I think most of you would agree with me, SEARCH was way before its time.
      There was at least one show that imitated it, but it was never as good
      as the original.

      I wonder if there would be enough interest to have a convention of our

      Have a good one!

      Skip Brown

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