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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Jan 1, 2003
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      Hello everyone
      Hello Jim

      Personal details?? Didn�t I suggest this last year?? Hope you work out the
      statistics of all of this, Jim.

      I�m Geoff Willmetts. Age 45 (46 this year) living in Somerset in the UK. My
      earlier background can be looked up where I�m currently editor, article
      writer, story-writer, reviewer on www.sfcrowsnest.com � the website details
      you see on signature at the bottom of each email sent in. There�s even an
      old moving picture of me taken on a damp day. Usually my hair�s a lot more
      fluffed up than that. Former life included being a scientist & running UK�s
      X-Men Fan Club for a number of years. [Jim, a lot of us are going to own up
      to an interest in comics y�know.]
      As a number of you have discovered I tend to know a lot about TV series,
      SF, science, espionage, technology � although its more to do with
      near-photographic recall than anal retention as I carry a lot of junk in my
      head. What I don�t carry there, I know where to look up. You�d hate to know
      what else I�m a fan of. Outside of SF as a taster, you can include Modesty
      Blaise & �The Destroyer� pulp series. [Anyone know where I can lay my hands
      on the Remo film soundtrack CD � only recently discovered there was one &
      its deleted.]
      [It might be interesting to note how we found the Probe website by the way
      as it might assist in getting others to it.] Although I did do searches on
      the various search engines for �Search� it became a bit nonsensical using
      the term �Search�. Switched to �Probe� & various actor names. I must have
      stopped before the website came up. One of your regulars, Richard
      Rutherford, spotted my interest in the series cos it was in my biographical
      notes on the Net & linked me in. My erstwhile publisher puts a lot of
      cross-connections through Google & that�s how he found me.
      I freelance write when I can & wrote an article about �Search� that
      included enlarged but black & white photos from my Lincoln stills in the UK
      magazine �TV Zone Special� # 12 several years back dependent on my memories
      of the series plus the odd episode & pilot I had on video. Because I used my
      initials with the article some bright spark at their publishing house turned
      the �G� into �Gary�. Based on what Richard�s noticed, some websites have
      used that piece for source for articles on �Search�. I�ve seen the odd one &
      any errors are theirs not mine. As far as I know, I think I�m the only one
      to have written & seen in print on article in �Search� in the paper world.
      I know a few of you have picked up this mag as a back-issue. It�s also one
      of the most expensive on their list cos of nude pics of Katy Manning with a
      dalek from Doctor Who in it rather than my article. If you want to get a
      copy, look up: www.visimag.com/tvzone
      Having got some nice quality generation episodes from Australian Trevor,
      I�ve been revising my memories of �Search�. I first saw them all on BBC2 in
      1973 although didn�t see the pilot until much later & is one of my most
      treasured videos. Frontiere�s music is one of the best I�ve ever heard &
      most memorable. The �Name Of The Game� rotation format made a lot of sense.
      Too many series depend on showing one star getting all the cases. With
      �Search�, one could believe this was a busy organisation working. I loved
      the technology & it�s so nice to see Leslie Stevens� assessment coming true
      today. [By the by, I�ve only just seen the Leslie Neilson film �Spy Hard� �
      anyone else spot the �Search� reference given by actor Robert Gulliame near
      the beginning using an audio jack??]
      Choosing favourite episodes is still tough. Certain aspects have dated &
      some aren�t so good but from what you chaps say has a lot to do with Leslie
      Stevens leaving the show. I do have a fondness for amongst others �Short
      Circuit�, �Suffer My Child� (although largely for the memory of Control
      reviving a drowning Lockwood), �Let Us Prey� & most of Lockwood cos they
      have some of the classiest moments. Gloria Harding trying to get messages
      through to a deaf Lockwood were classic & she has some of the bitchiest
      lines. I usually find something in each to like which is rather unusual for
      the critic in me.
      Merchandise-wise, I pulled scripts, stills & the photoset from Lincoln
      Enterprises years ago. I had the �Moonrock� novelisation as a gift from a
      friend & didn�t get the �Search� novelisation itself until a couple years
      back. Anyone looking for copies should check out www.abebooks.com.

      Hope the rest of you are forthcoming
      Gotta go
      Geoff Willmetts

      ********* GF Willmetts ****************************
      Commissioning Editor: http://www.sfcrowsnest.com or

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      Fiction site on the Internet'
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