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1483Trek guest star in 'Honeymoon'

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  • probecontrol@sigecom.net
    Jun 5, 2002
      Has anyone else noticed that actress Meg Wyllie, the one who
      played "The Keeper" in the first Trek pilot "The Cage,"
      appeared in "A Honeymoon to Kill"? She was the one who
      complained to the Tour Guide about his inaccurate head
      counting regarding Carla Lucchese.
      I did, Don. As a matter of fact, I was talking about Meg the
      other day with someone, and I'd mentioned that I had just
      seen her in something, but couldn't remember what it was.
      Turned out that it was HONEYMOON.
      >... I suppose her presence on SEARCH was again due to the
      Justman connection?
      Probably. Though she'd appeared MANY years earlier--only in
      the TREK pilot. Justman WAS involved in the Pilot, didn't he?
      >... Sad to say that she died just recently on January 1,
      We were lucky to have ol' Meg around for quite a while,
      weren't we?

      Jim Alexander
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