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143[probe_control] Re: The First Show

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  • ProbeControl@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2000
      Sort of an 'addendum' to Cmdr. Benson's letter--

      I also have heard the (oft-quoted) 'fact' that Leo G. Carroll was the first
      actor to do 'double-duty' on primetime tv shows. I had never heard of the
      Frank Cady reference, but it makes sense. I think, possibly, that sometimes
      the "Oscar Goldman" reference was mentioned because of the fact that BIONIC
      WOMAN and THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN were on different networks, and the
      question had been, "What actor played the same primetime character ON
      DIFFERENT NETWORKS?". But seeing as all MY TV reference books are hidden
      behind 102 boxes after my move a year and a half ago... I can't check things

      Also... (and this is QUITE OT), but I thought that Lucy and Ricky's beds were
      of the 'pushed-together' variety. Check the old re-runs on Nick, and I
      believe you'll see that that's the case. Seems like (in my murky, muddled
      brain of TV trivia), that it was mentioned somewhere that THE FLINSTONES were
      the first primetime 'tv couple' to sleep in the same bed, but I'm sure I'm
      proboably wrong about that... :)

      Oh well... Just thinking out loud, really...

      Jim Alexander
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