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1161Re: [probe_control] SEARCH and fandom

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  • Paul Browne
    Feb 6, 2002
      --- dghprobe3 <dghprobe3@...> wrote:
      > Hi Tom: Always good to hear from you. Yes, it was
      > a surprise for me
      > when I discovered the website and this mailing list
      > back in Feb.
      > 2001.

      Yeah, it was kind of unusual to find the site. And
      yet, as I've said, Tony Franciosa (multiple awards and
      nominations) and Hugh O'Brian (of course the lead on
      the WYATT EARP series) were both well-known actors
      back in the day. Not so much now (I recall
      one-complimentary?-sketch Eddie Murphy did back in the
      '80's which mentioned TF), afaik they're both more or
      less retired...but both made "Current Biography"
      magazine. Even Doug McClure was well-regarded in the
      acting community, I can remember what I think was his
      last role circa. 1995 on KUNG FU: THE LEGEND
      CONTINUES...obviously ill but hanging in there to get
      the job done.

      As far as the SEARCH concept goes, it was IMO
      ahead of its time. Maybe sort like TRON. The idea of
      implants used as information "jacks" and so forth on
      the side of good (or evil, though I don't know, was
      this aspect was really discussed on the series..?) has
      often been brought up in recent years.

      > What's funny is that years later, after the premiere
      > of Star Wars,
      > something called media fandom emerged. Trek fans
      > began perceiving
      > that media fans were "invading" their Trek
      > conventions. "Here come
      > the damn media fans," as some of them lamented.
      > Sometimes things
      > come around full circle.

      Very true. A good thing to remember is that there
      have been likely millions of ST fans of one or more of
      the series who've never even been to one Trek

      As far as SW goes, I only liked ESB of the four
      films out so far. Maybe the next one...Most SW fans
      are IMO okay, though the ones that camp out in front
      of a theatre in hopes of seeing a SW movie are

      > As for myself, I prefer "Star Trek fan" to "Trekkie"
      > or the
      > supposedly preferred "Trekker."

      Sounds good to me...and I've watched ST since the
      first year of ST:TOS. Never could get into the
      "Trekkie" vs. "Trekker" business. "Irwin Allen fan,"
      "James Bond fan," "Dr. Who fan" and so forth make
      sense...even if some want to additionally give
      themselves some further designation.

      > Likewise, I'd
      > prefer "Search fan"
      > to "Searchie." But I guess we can call each other
      > "Searchies" for
      > fun.

      Again, sounds good to me. Of course, my SEARCH
      interest intersects somewhat with being a fan of Tony
      Franciosa (and his own fandom connects to some extent
      with that of, among others, Robert Stack in NAME OF
      THE GAME...if one really wants to push it).

      Anthony "attented exactly one ST-specific con
      though many media/sf/writing conventions"

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