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  • dghprobe3
    Feb 5, 2002
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      Hi Tom: Always good to hear from you. Yes, it was a surprise for me
      when I discovered the website and this mailing list back in Feb.
      2001. As to who started it all, it was John (actingman) and Bryan
      Durk. John or Bryan, could one of you backtrack a bit for us and
      give a "Reader's Digest" version of just how the two of you got this
      started? I think it was briefly discussed somewhere, but I can't
      find the post.

      As to "Trekkies," I think that started as a sort of put down by older
      sci-fi fans when Trek fandom was getting started, then journalists
      picked up on it and started referring to "Trekkie conventions." You
      see, years before Star Trek premiered in 1966, Science-Fiction fans
      had their own conventions. When Trek fandom started, the sci-fi fans
      perceived that Trek fans were "invading" their conventions. "Here
      come the damn Trekkies," as some of them lamented.

      What's funny is that years later, after the premiere of Star Wars,
      something called media fandom emerged. Trek fans began perceiving
      that media fans were "invading" their Trek conventions. "Here come
      the damn media fans," as some of them lamented. Sometimes things
      come around full circle.

      As for myself, I prefer "Star Trek fan" to "Trekkie" or the
      supposedly preferred "Trekker." Likewise, I'd prefer "Search fan"
      to "Searchie." But I guess we can call each other "Searchies" for

      On a different note, I find that Kevin's SEARCH messageboard as well
      as the entirety of InsideTheWeb has been shut down:

      More later,

      --- In probe_control@y..., "tomatprobe" <tomatprobe@a...> wrote:
      > ...It seems the thing we all have most in common
      > (other than Search) is that we all thought we were the only ones
      > who remembered it! What an idea starting a web group! Who thought
      > of this?...
      > ...If Star Trek fans call themselves Trekkies, what are Search
      > fans called? Searchies?
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