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  • tomatprobe
    Feb 3, 2002
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      I know I dont say much these days, I dont think I have the tech
      skills that a lot of you have. But I really enjoy reading what the
      new guys have to say. It seems the thing we all have most in common
      (other than Search) is that we all thought we were the only ones who
      remembered it! What an idea starting a webb group! Who thought of
      I can empathise (spelling?) with the guy who said he was walking
      around the play ground talking Probe Control...seems like I did that
      too, although I admit I didnt have the courage to tell anyone. There
      are so many New "Searchies" in the group that I cant keep up with
      them. If Star Trek fans call themselves Trekkies, what are Search
      fans called? Searchies?
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