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11408Re: [probe_control] The Death of Me Yet Distro

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Aug 7, 2014

      I'm not particularly interested in this, but I would like to back you up on the Rules issue. I've seen similar distros from other lists I've been on, and you are 100% correct about the unknown lurkers and the like, jumping on the bandwagon only to break the chain once they got what they wanted, and requiring the person that initially started the distro to restart the list (at the next person that should have gotten the item next) and have it run from there - and having to do it more than once. So your rules are perfectly sound.

      (And if any scammers should sneak in, the next person in the tree who doesn't get their DVD should report it to you; you'll have the master tree list and you'll know who the scammer is that broke the chain. Then the scammer should be banned from the group.)

      Just my 2p worth.


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      Subject: [probe_control] The Death of Me Yet Distro

      Ok,  here goes.  Those that want to participate in a distro please email me at
      videoking@....     I'll need your name, email addy, and mailing address.
      The sign up will be open for one week and will close at midnight EST next Thursday.
      I will set up a distro tree based upon the order in which I receive your names.
      Remember,  you are responsible for making a copy of the dvd and promptly sending it along to the next person in line on the tree.     I will send a list of the complete tree to the first person who must send a copy of the list along with the dvd to the next person.      Only put your name on the list if you can do all of the above.   Do not join the distro if you cannot commit.  Anyone receiving a dvd and not forwarding it to the next person will be placed on a deadbeat list.   No lurkers that we are not familiar wit h are allowed.    If you do not post regularly to the list and a fellow list member cannot vouch for you then I will not allow you as part of the distro.      Sorry for all the rules but,  in other distros that I've been a part of,  various people have tried to scam
      things without intending to participate.

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