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11393Re: [probe_control] The Death of Me Yet starring Doug McClure

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  • videoking0
    Aug 4, 2014

      Not sure but I have an idea if this film has peaked enough interest among list members and list management approves.  I've participated in this on other lists,  it's called a distro.   We would collect a list of members that would like to see this film.

      We could give the list a time window of,  let's say, a week to sign up.   Once we have a list,  I would send a dvd to the first member on the list.    That person would make a copy and send it to the next person and so on until the final member keeps the starter disc at the end.    All this would be is sharing from one fan to another and no money exchanges hands for profit.    Each member is responsible for the cost of shipping the disc they make to the next member in the chain.

      As I said,  if there is enough interest and management is ok with it then we can start formulating things.


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