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11055Intelligence: Search Reincanation in 2014

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  • dmanmetz36
    Apr 4, 2014


        Apparently there is a new show on CBS that started in January call "Intelligence". I just found out about it yesterday. I have seen a number of reviews comparing to our no rediscovered cult classic "Search".  I went on IMDB and look at the user reviews. One reviewer came straight out and compared it to Search, Which I cut pasted (See Below). The show is get fair to poor reviews and the ratings are not great (Sound familiar?). Many of the fans are holding their breath right now hoping that it will be renewed for a second season.
       Other IMDB user reviews have said similar things about the show that was said we said and what was said 40 years ago. "Good concept, poorly executed",  "Had so much potential", "Let's say it has a LOT of potential...", "Lots of fun", "In it's infancy, but still has amazing potential!" Okay, you should get the picture.
          Intelligence comes on Monday night on CBS @ 10PM and it stars Josh Holloway in the Lockwood role. I am going to check it out this Monday.



      Reincarnation of 1972's SEARCH... with the same problems

      Author: A_Different_Drummer from North America
      10 January 2014
      *** This review may contain spoilers ***
      In 1972 there was a short-lived series called SEARCH starring Hugh Obrian about investigators who went into the field "wired" with state of the art tech such as remote mics, remote cameras and access to a central "computer" at their base. This was achieved via a giant pendant that hung around their necks because -- duh -- microprocessors had not been invented yet. The show was not successful mainly because (to this reviewer) the audience had trouble trying to figure out if they were rooting for the technology ... or the man? This update 40 years later, using a chip surgically implanted which has access to the entire "wired" world, is trying to avoid that pitfall from the getgo by giving Holloway's character personality to spare, along with a secret mission to find his missing wife. It also brings back to the big (flat?) screen Marg Helgenberger, a face an entire generation grew up watching weekly on CSI. (And, for the record, there are worse ways to grow up.) Channeling Judy Dench from the new Bond films, we see a clear feminine bias in high-level intelligence here, a far cry from the 60s when the only women in a spy story wore go-go boots and plastic skirts. (In the first episode, she meets her counterpart in Chinese intelligence who -- whoda guessed -- is also a woman. Whatta surprise!) Now this is the point in the review where I am supposed to tell you how wonderful this is to watch, and how interesting Holloway and Helgenberger are. But the fact is, the first episode was mediocre. The supporting cast was mainly recycled familiar faces from other TV shows, Holloway's boyish charms were lost on me, and, 4 decades later, I still could not determine if I was rooting for the man ... or the computer. Plus ca change...
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