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  • gf willmetts
    Mar 29, 2014
      Hello John
      It's when they leash out those doomsday computers that worries me the most.

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      Studios will rent stuff out to each other.  Money is money.  Certainly there is no problem with renting out stuff from a show that had one season and was "forgotten."  Even with a show that still generates income isn't a problem.  That is why Seaview ended up on the Probe screen.  That is why the Lost In Space Robot got altered and was used on Danger Island.

      I am sure the list goes on and on.

      On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 3:24 AM, LambuLambu@... <LambuLambu@...> wrote:

      At a guess? Initially, the main screen was a "stand alone" unit on the vast PROBE Control Complex's floor. So, they would have needed to adapt either of those other view screens to have them mounted on the pedestal that the main screen was on (with all the blinky lights going down to the floor).

      There is also the "inspired by" design aspect: see something that looks cool, take the basic idea and then build on it to get something similar, yet different. (Lots of shows did that.) I do wonder, though, why they made only the lower left corner of the main screen housing rounded while the other three were square. Odd: looked cool, but odd.

      And speaking of "inspired by" things, I wonder if those other shows that used the PROBE Control consoles (intact, such as in 'Wonder Woman' and 'Fantastic Journey'), and the film that used the PROBE Control main screen (which I still can't remember the title of) had to do any dealings with Warner in order to use them, since those "props" were very specifically built for a Warner production.

      (Also, does anyone else think that in Season 2 of 'Space: 1999', their new Command Center consoles bore a very similar layout to the "red" PROBE Control set? (And they had a main screen that was raised high, not just above the deck like in 'Trek'?)


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      Odd, why Probe Control semi copied the Main Viewscreen from submarine Seaview in Season 2 plus Voyage episodes vs copying the Star Trek Enterprise bridge screen but retain the monitor housing but updated.

      Wonder why they didn't adopt the Star Trek model vs Voyage?

      End Run

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