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11043Re: [probe_control] face up in the gutter

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Mar 29, 2014
      Another good question, Geoff. Maybe the "terrorists" did think some of their own were moving the ambassador to keep him from being rescued. (Either that, or those terrorists were as dumb as some Galactic Storm Troopers from 'Star Wars'!)

      And yes, considering the scene in the restaurant when Lockwood was digging through the napkin bins to find his scanner, and Cam saying that if he loses it he'd be "working for freebies the rest of his life", I can indeed see Cam telling Lockwood to go back and retrieve his scanner if he'd lost it rescuing the ambassador.


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      Hello Dino
            Re: Lockwood’s scanner. I hope other people will join in on this. I agree, it would have had to have been on his ring when he first talked and because they don’t see much until he rescued the ambassador, then slipped it into his pocket during the rescue or, at most, on to his shirt – can they still be bought?? – lapel. I do wonder if ending up face down being shot, if he pocketed it.
        I mean, can you see Cameron calling out to Lockwood, ‘You’ve rescued the ambassador, now can you go back and pick up your scanner!’
            Going to the end of the scene, do the people on the roof really know that there is a rescue going on or just think some of their own is moving the ambassador to some other place??

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