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11037Re: [probe_control] numbers by the screen

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  • John
    Mar 28, 2014
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      I also think Geoff meant having the numbers match up from screen, cutaway and then back to screen.  That may be why they only had one number actually changing.  And to distract, the other two rows would blink on and off.

      On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 1:57 AM, LambuLambu@... <LambuLambu@...> wrote:

      I never really paid much attention to those numbers on the main screen, just noticing that "some" number was scrolling. As to continuity, I don't think it would have come into play (at least for me) because I always thought those numbers were some sort of clock. So different hours would show up on different days. That would eliminate any continuity problems. If you're going by HH (hours), MM (minutes), and SS (seconds), of course that last digit would be scrolling almost continually. So, say, 183419 (18 hours or 6PM), 34 minutes and 19 seconds on a Monday evening wouldn't clash with 101500 (basically 10:15AM) the following Tuesday. Days and times vary, so continuity, not so much an issue here as it was in 'Trek' TOS when Stardates were out of order.


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      Hello John
            Re: numbers by the screen. That sounds like another question for John Strong. It must have been a continuity nightmare to keep sequential in those days.

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