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11034Re: [probe_control] I t doesn’t mean a PR OBE can’t have thei r own gun.

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Mar 27, 2014
      In "PROBE", I would expect under the circumstances of the opening scene - and Lockwood, as Cam put it, was "operating under severe strain", he could have easily taken it from one of the fallen enemies he was facing at the time.

      Let's face it: if I was in Lockwood's shoes under those conditions, with people all over the place shooting at me and things exploding all round me, I'd say frack the regulations, I'm grabbing one of these rifles just lying about and shooting back! I may not hit anyone by firing wildly, but it would make those other guys duck for cover and thus prevent them - a little - from shooting at me.


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      Hello Jeff
            It doesn’t mean a PROBE can’t have their own gun. I mean in ‘PROBE’, where did Lockwood get his rifle from??

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